Japan Trip #2 – Here We Go Again!


On the 26th of April, we landed at Narita Airport to begin our second trip of Japan. We had 3 days in Tokyo, followed by a week at Ebisu, then another week in Tokyo. I’ll be posting about the whole trip spread across the next few weeks so stay tuned!

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Not long after picking up our hire car, and getting lost a couple of times thanks to the lack on an English GPS system, we were faced by the busy Tokyo sky line. As we landed at around 7pm on Friday, we went straight to the hotel to drop our bags off and then headed off to find Daikoku Futo PA. Which we found, and it was already blocked off by the Police when we arrived. So we headed back to the hotel and called it a night.


Our first three nights were by far our most comfortable, staying at The Prince Sakura Tower hotel in Shinagawa. This was also the most expensive place we stayed, however it was definitely worth the money spent.


Along the side of the hotel was a nice tradition garden, with a small temple, koi pond and various walking paths.


It was pretty cool to see this kind of thing so close to where we were staying, and a nice change from the very car focused trip we had ahead of us.


The Koi fish were massive, and not shy at all!


After checking out the gardens we headed down to 7/11 to get some breakfast, and then set off on our search for cool car parts at a few different Up Garage stores.


It didn’t take long to spot a very clean example of an R32 GTR on the streets of Japan! sporting R33 GTR wheels all round and a very functional style.


It also didn’t take long for us to get lost and ask for directions


Once we found some familiar streets it didn’t take long to find the Up Garage GT store we visited on our last trip. They had a bunch of GTR’s for sale out the front this time, and this one caught my attention for obvious reasons, being an old school nismo fanatic, I now need to find this sticker to put in the same spot on my own R32


I’m starting to like R33 GTR’s quite abit lately, this was a really neat example on BBS LM’s


In the Fly Rat Car Yard next door there was some cool old school cars as always, including this awesome Notchback on SSR Mk3’s


And this R32 and DR30 combo hanging out the back getting some work done!


One of the Up Garage D1 Spec AE86’s was on display in the carpark, the Up Garage cars always look seriously cool and pack a punch, this was no exception.


After we’d had a good look around Up Garage GT and spent some money we went for a quick walk around the area as there was plenty of cool cars on the streets, we found an American Car Yard and took the opportunity to do a quick size comparison, Chris = small, Hummer = big.


Once I was finished laughing at Chris we headed up the road abit, and spotted this need JZX100 coming towards us in the flow of traffic!

I’ll continue on our adventures from that day and more over this weekend!


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4 Responses to Japan Trip #2 – Here We Go Again!

  1. Gezz ;) says:

    Presents for me???? 😀

  2. Miguelone says:

    99099-06U00 Is the part number for that 32R nismo sticker.

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