My name is Ryan Gillin, I’m a photographer based in Melbourne Australia, and this Blog contains a snapshot into my photographic life. My main focus is Motor Sports, predominantly, Drift.


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  1. Geraus Huynh says:

    Hey there my name is Geraus i was at winton raceway on the 11/12/10 just wondering if you got any more photos of me?

    my car is “59 A 2”

    skyline r33 silver with a black hood, im willing to also pay. Cheers man.

  2. the r33 that was smashing off limiter? sounded horn haha, I’ll have a look for you after work tomorrow mate!

  3. Brendan Mulcahy says:

    have you got any of the lil red V8 corolla…..52 cheers

  4. hey Brendan,

    yeah man I’ve got a few actually, just waiting on StanceWorks to put up the write up + pics, then I’ll put up whatever shots they didn’t use on here + the facebook page.


  5. ecr33 says:

    Hi, my name is Benny from Auckland, New Zealand, I recently viewed the black R33 that was featured from Stance Nation website and followed the link from the photographer which lead to your blog here.

    I’d like to get in contact with the owner of the car preferably email just to ask a few things in regards to his car (how to mount the roof spoiler on his car), it would be of great help if you could do this for me, thanks mate.

    • Hey Benny!

      no worries at all man, do you want me to pass on your email address to Billy? I’ll see him tomorrow night so I can let him know you wanted to get in contact with him then!


      • ecr33 says:

        Yeah, that would be great if you could pass on my email to him bennymillares (at) ymail.com. Do you have his that you could give? So I can contact him also

  6. I’ve passed on your email man, but I don’t have his email address so you’ll have to wait for him to get onto you I guess.

    I think its just sikaflex holding the roof spoiler on though

  7. teambrett says:

    Hey man, found this through StanceNation.

    Really liking what you’re doing!
    Cool write ups and shots


    • Thanks for that man! cool to see people still checking out that write up on Billy’s R33 on stancenation! I’m assuming thats how you found me anyway! haha

      You’ve got yourself a pretty cool blog there too! good event coverage and cool content, added you to my blogroll!

  8. TeamBrett says:

    Yeah, some people posted pictures of it on a local Skyline forum, so had a hunt to see who shot it!
    Cool man, thank you, i’m still getting there!

    I’ve done the same!


  9. Brendan Ashe says:

    G’day Ryan. I am a mate of Adam, Mitch, Jake, Harry and Coops. I am also the Marketing Officer & Newsletter Editor for the Quad Riders Club Victoria. You obviously have a knack with the camera and I would love to be able showcase any Quad pics you have for the Newsletter and Facebook Page. Would love to discuss this in further detail.

    Regards Brendan
    Quad Racing Hack. Haha

    • Hey Brendan,
      yeah I’d be happy to help out mate, I don’t really have much more photos of quads at the moment but I can make an effort to get to some race meets with the Van Vliet boys this year! feel free to use the shots of Jake’s quad that I just put up for now if you like!

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