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After checking out the UpGarage GT store I mentioned in the last post, Chris thought it would be a good idea to buy a full set of AVS Model 6’s for a steal of a price, I agreed.

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So after sorting out a plan involving me buying his existing assortment of skid wheels at Ebisu, he bought the AVS 6’s. While we waited for them to strip the tyres, we headed off to the nearest UpGarage just a few minutes up the road for some more searching


On the way we stopped at a random wheel shop which caught our attention thanks to this lowdown lexus parked out the front. The only downside to the store was the fact they stocked XXR wheels, the USDM influence is really strong in Japan, it sucks to see crap quality wheels/fakes gaining popularity over there.


I hadn’t seen much I wanted at any of the stores yet apart from a Nardi Deep Corn I bought to sell back home, and a bucket seat I am hoping to buy through the great man Jesse Streeter now that I’m back home. I’d consider this a good thing though considering my stupid purchase of a pair of wheels which I carted around Tokyo and brought home last year and made minimal profit on.


So after swinging back past the UpGarage GT store to pick up Chris’ new AVS 6’s, we continued on down the road in search of more cool car related shops and another UpGarage store, stopping wherever we saw something cool to grab some photos of, like this Hilux, they are awesome at basically any type of car styling in Japan.


While walking back to the hire car we spotted this slammed Honda Oddessy, so naturally I swung around to grab some photos as he rolled past. Japanese people seem a little confused when you show this sort of positive attention to their cars, maybe it’s just because I’m white.


Thanks to a ridiculous amount of traffic, it takes a lifetime to move 5kms in Tokyo. So I started taking photos of basically everything around us to help pass the time. Something I love about Tokyo, and busy cities in general, is ‘people watching’ and just taking random photos of random people going about their day. It’s something I never do back home thanks to living in the outer suburbs where nothing interesting happens.


It wasn’t long before our random driving struck us a gold mine of cool car shit. We stumbled across this car yard which seemed to sell modified JZX’s almost exclusively! This JZX100 Mk2 was one of my favourite cars from the whole trip, I think I need to own a 100 Mk2 sometime in the near future.


Another awesome JZX100 Mk2, surrounded by JZX110’s, all modified, all in a used car yard. Only in Japan.


around the other side of the yard they had even more cool cars, including this Jzz30 Soarer and the Chaser next to it


Chris met his first true love, they kissed, it was more romantic than the Titanic, she even promised not to make him drown after their cruise ship sinks.


We discovered some more USDM influence in the car park of yet another UpGarage, they seem to pull it off better than the US does. This style really doesn’t do it for me though, and I don’t think it will ever grow on me either.


Everywhere we went in Tokyo, we always seemed to come across at least one cool, clean R32 GTR. I’m definitely not complaining, all this one needed was the older version LMGT’s with the old logo sticker on them and it would have been perfect for me! This one was on display out the front of ‘Veruza’ which seemed to be a GTR focused store/workshop. I made my favourite purchase of the trip inside, finding an old school logo Nismo Brake Master Stopper on one of the shelves for 2200Y. Basically useless part, but still cool thanks to the Nismo logo.


Out on the road I spotted yet another awesome JZX100 Mk2, we followed this guy a few hundered metres up the road where he stopped at a cool little wheel shop which was surrounded by car workshops which seemed to feature alot of street drift cars


Here’s what the inside of a wheel shop in Japan looks like, basically, it’s awesome. Nothing but cool wheels, and lots of them!


In one of the workshops next door to the wheel place I found one of, if not the coolest, JZX90 Mk2 I’ve ever seen. Chris fell in love once more, and I now need to own a C33 Laurel, JZX100 Mk2, and JZX90 Mk2.


Just behind the Mk2 was a gentle reminder of the dangers of street drifting! This 180sx had definitely seen better days.


I think it’s probably safe to say that Japan is the only place I’ll ever see a DeTomoso Pantera in a used car yard. This one featuring a massive set of Work Rezax, with 335/35’s jammed on the back!


It was definitely one of the coolest sightings on our trip, not something you see every day!


After walking around the various workshops in the area for a while, we headed back towards our hire car, stopping back in at the same wheel shop again to grab a photo of this very neat R34 GT-R on the way.


That’s all from the first two days of our journey, stay tuned to the blog for more photos from the rest of our trip in the coming weeks!


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