Did We Find Wheel Heaven?



During day 3 of our recent Japan trip, we ventured out to find the Tamiya store, hit up a few more Up Garage’s in the Chiba area, and stumbled across the highlight of the trip….


read on to find out what it was!



After 20 minutes of circling the area looking for parking, we found this one in a side alley. Once I had almost convinced the others that the hire car would still be there when we returned, we set off on foot in search of the Tamiya model store.



Unfortunately our hire car’s Japanese GPS had once again led us to the wrong area, so Chris and I set off to find what we really came to Japan for, Mos Burger and Don Quijote. As you can see sometime between getting lost and finding the best burger going ’round, I bought a fisheye!



Once we’d satisfied the Mos craving, we headed over to the Akihabara Don Quijote store. It’s basically a massive reject shop with a supermarket level, random crap level, adult goods level, arcade’s and a dedicated level on top for big expensive brand names.



Chris found his first purchase within seconds of walking through the doors, Hand Soap…..literally.



There is a ridiculous amount of options here if you’re in the market for a ‘onesie.’ They aren’t cheap though, starting at around 4500Y and heading up over 8000Y depending on the popularity of the style you’re chasing.



We continued up one of many escalators to the ‘adult goods’ level



Where Damo revealed to us he liked wearing women’s stockings, and asked us which style would suit him best



We headed up to the arcade level and after working out that we were looking at a photo booth, all agreed it had to be done



After some fun at Don Quijote we jumped back in our hire car and set off for the UpGarage’s in Chiba



We found the first UpGarage easy enough, but nobody found anything they wanted inside, so I grabbed a quick shot of this very neat R33 GTR on our way out, and we head off once again.



We drove straight past this place once and Damo suggested we stop and have a look on our way back through. All I have to say is I am absolutely stoked that we did! It might not look like much from outside, but it had alot to give on the inside



There were literally thousands of wheels stacked on top of each other, lining racks, hanging on even more racks from the dodgy ceilings, and thrown into random mezzanine office’s throughout the place.



While there was plenty of average wheels, for every one average wheel you could find two or three awesome wheels, such as this SSR MK1. A lot of the wheels appeared to be missing their pair unfortunately.



Very nice SSR Reverse mesh, another single wheel though



I don’t even know what variety of Southern Way these are, but I want them.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris move as fast as he did after spotting this single Hoshino from a distance. He already called dibs on the pair before discovering that it had no matching wheel. Still an impressive find at 14×8 -7 or 8



It’s safe to say that this was the most diverse, and impressive collection of old, awesome, and rare wheels I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think I’m about to see any better.

Here is some footage I shot while walking through the place to show just how big it really was, sped up significantly as it took ages to get all the way through.

stay tuned for more from our trip, next stop: Nikko Circuit!


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