Primal Garage Private Twilight Night

31-1223On Tuesday night, Primal Garage held a private twilight drift session on Calder Park’s Thunderdome. The main idea behind the night was to hold a drama free event with a bunch of guys and girls that love the true culture of drifting.



If you’ve had anything to do with drifting since it’s beginnings in Melbourne, you will have heard of Dave and Neil Gray, and their family business, Primal Garage.



Dave’s main goal with these private nights is to get the right people together to keep the true drift culture alive, an ego free, friendly environment that people really want to be apart of.



the event was definitely a success. Despite the fact we were at a private event run by mates, it was the most well behaved,  and respectful group of drivers and pit crew I’ve seen at a track day in a long time.



From drivers giving each other props and sharing tips/ideas…



to the people on the sidelines having a blast and cheering and pushing the drivers to take a wide line along the wall…



It was a refreshing change to the usual spectators bagging drivers from the sidelines and drivers being to concerned about themselves to worry about whats going on around them



It was evident that everyone was having a great time when we came in for the free BBQ the Primal boys put on, everyone was still smiling and laughing about whatever close calls they’d had or killer runs they’d laid down



All in all I’m stoked that Primal put the effort in to run the day, I’m stoked I got to drive at it, and I’m stoked that it looks like there will be more in the future!

Thanks to Cameron for taking the photos as I was busy driving, all the rest that I couldn’t fit into the post are in a gallery below!


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