Tokyo Car Spotting!


Plans are now in motion for out next trip to Japan in April/May, flights have been booked, Chris still has his R33 at Ebisu and I have now purchased an R32 coupe there as well. So I thought why not go through some of the unseen photos from our last trip to get myself motivated!

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During the time we spent scouring through every UpGarage we could get to, we stumbled across the ‘Fly Rat’ car yard, who seem to specialise in rare/old and generally awesome cars, which is where we spotted this awesome DR30



Chris modelling our choice of hire car, pillar-less life is a good life!



We saw quite a few ‘VIP’ styled Mark X’s while we were driving around Tokyo, this was probably my favourite of them all




Very cool looking car, it’s a shame Toyota don’t bring these cars out in Australia.



Just afew car parks over from the black Mark X, was this Suzuki Jimny. They really don’t do anything half-hearted in Japan!



Eiji from Team Red Stage told us about a Street in Chiba which had 2 UpGarages, an Autobacs, and a place called Crystal Auto all in one stretch.



We managed to find the first UpGarage, and then while sitting in traffic trying to work out where the next stop would possibly be, Jacob spotted this R35 in a carpark, the carpark turned out to be that of Crystal Auto, so he made a quick left across two lanes of traffic to get a closer look!



It looks as though they had done a recent track day in the car, as there was fuel spilt down the side of the filler car, and you could faintly see the outline of Racing number stickers on the door, it proudly wore number 69!


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