Tokyo Times!

After our time at Ebisu, we headed back down to Tokyo for the week before heading home. Unforunately for Jacob and I, this meant sitting on a train for a few hours in the morning, heavily hungover from the Matsuri after party the night before.

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Considering it was a Monday night, I was blown away at the amount of people out and about. It seems like every night in Tokyo is as busy as a Saturday night in Melbourne!

It wasn’t long before the drinking resumed,  with Chris and Jacob inventing the ‘7/11 Game’ which involved the three of us, taking turns at shouting a round of drinks every time we walked past a 7/11 store, which happens to be a very frequent occurrence in Japan. So the hangover was gone and soon enough we were drunk again

This poor dude had parked the pushie in the wrong spot, getting a ticket and a basket full of rubbish for his troubles

After a few hours of exploring we made our way back to our hotel and decided that the next day we would head out to Tokyo Bay. It wasn’t long before we spotted our first weird Jap carpark

We jumped on the monorail out to Tokyo Bay, we decided to head to the Sega indoor theme park for the indoor roller coaster and the Initial D game in life size cars (awesome), Megaweb and Toyota Historic Cars museum, and Super Autobacs.

The monorail goes across the Rainbow Bridge which was pretty cool in itself, as was looking at the Japanese Statue of Liberty knock off while eating the best burger of my life for lunch at Kua ‘Aina!

First stop was Megaweb and the Toyota Historic Cars Museum, there wasn’t much to do at Megaweb, except checkout all the cool family cars Toyota make for the Japanese market, and the Lexus stand

Jacob found a RWD car he liked with a lever handbrake, now he just needs to talk to Powervehicles about getting it up to Ebisu for our next Matsuri trip

In case Jacob being bigger than the car while sitting down wasn’t enough to show how small this thing really was, we got Chris to stand next to it

I think this is like the Toyota version of the teletubbies? Chris is Po.

Next up was the Historic Cars Museum, this AE86 was literally straight out of the showroom, you weren’t even allowed to open the doors

There was heaps of cool ex-race parts on display outside the workshop there including this, and a Beams 3SGE Turbo motor, and various ITB’d 4AGE setups

I’ve always wanted to see a Hakosuka GTR in person, so this made my day!

it looked like it had just come from the dealership, I would love to own one of these some day

amongst the fleet of rare cars was this super rare Toyota 2000GT, not a huge fan of the car but definitely appreciated seeing it!

After we spent an hour going through the thousands of model cars in the museum, we headed off to go to Super Autobacs, on the way we saw this gangster BMW 7 Series.

it’s safe to say that Autobarn has got nothing on Super Autobacs. this place was massive!

The carpark was just as cool as the store, this super neat s15 caught Jacob’s eye

while this R33 Four Door caught mine and Chris’ eyes!

apart from the front bar it was pretty awesome! CST Hyper Zero’s all round really suit the 33 shape

This Accord was looking pretty cool, I’m assuming it had airbag suspension all round

and brand new SSR MS1’s

We headed around the back to see what else was in the carpark and found a few more cool cars, like this R34 GTR

It wasn’t long before we had to pick Jacob’s jaw up off the ground for him, he was pretty shocked to see a Tommy Kiara R34 in person. I only knew what it was thanks to Grand Turismo 2

this sweet little bike was street rego’d, i wish we could do stuff like this in Australia, think how fun it would be burning around the city on one of these!

I’ll have more from our week in Tokyo up later this week, and I’m working on more video’s as well!


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