ZIPTIE is back

after abit of a holiday from the track due to a never ending engine build, and then a dodgy tune, ZIPTIE is finally back, and better than ever!

more after the jump!


Now sporting a PPG Dogbox and 4.6 ratio diff gears, it picks up speed ridiculously fast


The built motor is powered along by a HKS T300, HKS External Gate, Apexi 270/270 12.6mm lift cams with Tomei adj cam gears and a whole host more which I’ll add in a full specs list at the bottom.

The SR actually sounds really good, for an SR! The car was tuned by Trent from Chequered Tuning, and made 245RWKW on 17psi, and boy does it hit hard!


the full specs list for the motor is shown below:

hks t300
hks external gate
Apexi drag cams 270 270 12.6mm lift
Brian crower valve springs and retainers
Tomei adj cam gears
Jun bronze valve guides
Ferrea valve stem seals
Full inlet and exhuast porting
4angle cut valves
Cosworth 1.2mm
CP Forged Pistons
Eagle Rods
Balanced Crank
ACL race series bearings
ARC Sump
Genuine Greddy Plenum
Tomei N15 70mm Throttle Body
Tomei Throttle Body Adapter Plate
HKS low mount manfolf. 6 boost one needs to be modded for gate first.
PPG Dogbox 1 – 4 gears
Exedy 5 Puck Button Clutch
Nismo High Capacity Slave Cylinder
Apexi Dump Pipe
Apexi Front Pipe
sard 800cc Injectors
HKS Fuel Rail
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump

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