Matsuri, part 3

On the Sunday morning of Matsuri we headed down to Nishi Long Course to watch the mini comp that was on

more after the jump!

I spotted this Pink R32 coupe in the pits and went over to get some more photos

It looked so good in pink sitting on shadow chrome Work CR Kais

I love the R32 shape, I think I’ll have to buy a 32 coupe to go with the 4 door some time in the future.

Thanks to the high speeds of the entries on Nishi, photos were pretty challenging, so I filmed more than anything. It was one of the highlights of my trip to get to see Daigo Saito drive his missile at Ebisu.

obviously after the comp at Nishi, we headed back up to North Course

Not long after we got back up to North course, THE Matsuri Laurel rolled up!

This C33 has been in every Matsuri video i can remember from the last few years

it is considerably bent, rocking Demon Cambers with R1R’s up front

The front rails have seen their fair share of damage

while the rear end has seen that many wall taps that they have had to add some metal themselves so he can still tag the Minami wall!

Chris was pushing harder and harder in an attempt to get closer to the wall

By the end of the weekend he still hadn’t managed to hit it, which doesn’t really matter as the plan was to keep the 33 in good enough condition to get through at least one more Matsuri

this neat R32 coupe was owned by an American girl, it sounded pretty crazy, but the owner told us it was just a standard turbo with a big screamer

She had this cool old school Nismo oil cap, and I am now searching for my own.

Some fellow Australians (dirty western australians) were sharing a car for the weekend, a weekend that was brought to an abrupt end when one of the guys had a spin off the end of the straight on North course, ripping the hub assembly clean off

Leaving them with this, and alot of repair work to do!

after we helped the WA guys get there 90 under cover and ready to repair, we headed down to Minami again, greeted by the C33 I posted earlier launching over the jump!

There was a group of 3 jzx90’s down there, throwing 3 car trains over the jump. I don’t have any photo evidence but I do have plenty of footage which will pop up soon!

The pink R32 looked equally as cool on the track as it did in the pits, with some impressive aggression and very quick entries.

This kitted R32 Sedan was owned by a girl, it’s not really my style, but I still wanted to get as many photos of 32 four doors in Japan as I could!

As we were heading back up to PowerVehicles we spotted this R33 Coupe that Chris and I had seen earlier in the week

Unfortunately at some stage during Matsuri it had suffered some light front end damage

However it still looked pretty awesome, sitting on a set of BBS LM’s

Silver over grey would have to be the coolest colour combo for the R33, I’d love to own one in this colour some day, preferably a sedan of course.

As we pulled into the PowerVehicles lot, we were greeted by this bB

This is its permanent static ride height, no airbags here!

almost tucking rim all round on 17″ CR Kais!

with 195/40’s stretched on all round!

And that was the end of our Matsuri experience, we packed the cars up and put them in storage, and headed back to the lodge. Unforunately I don’t have any photos of the Matsuri party at the lodge, as I was way too drunk to be handling a camera, but I can tell you it was a rowdy night! Getting drunk with one of the best drifters in the world, Suenaga, was an experience in itself!

Matsuri was one of the coolest experiences in my life and I didn’t even have a car, I can’t wait to get back there in April. Big thanks to Andy and Emily from PowerVehicles for the great service and the¬†accommodation at the Drifter’s Lodge, it made the whole trip super easy!

Remember to keep an eye on the blog, as I still have everything we saw in our second week in Japan to share!


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