Matsuri Part 2

At the start of our time at Ebisu, we were flipping and rotating the tyres around halfway through each day. By the time Matsuri rolled around, Chris was over that, and had just settled on popping tyres instead

more after the jump!

The fog never really lifted around North Course at all on the Saturday, but it was still in the low 30’s temperature wise and incredibly humid.

These guys were awesome to watch. Chris managed to get a few really close tandem runs in with both of them, but I was in the car with him so unfortunately I don’t have any photos of it

The 180sx missile from the last photo has his maintenance and tyre changes sorted, why use a jack when you have a crane?

While we were down on Nishi Long Course, Fish managed to do this….

We also saw some really cool cars down there, like this AE86 Notchback on 14″ watanabes

and this super cool styled 180, this was one of my favourite cars from the weekend

unfortunately he had abit of a tumble on the same dirt mound as Fish down on Nishi

Chris went from never doing 3rd gear scando’s at the start of the week, to throwing a 4th gear scando by saturday, I was in the car with him for this, once he had pulled it off, I don’t think either of us stopped smiling for the rest of the lap. I was just happy we didn’t follow Fish’s line up the hill.

After afew laps of Nishi we had a break and then headed down to Minami, the weather had turned once again and was pouring down, this is the spray off the track as two car’s went passed the wall

This pair of S13’s were awesome to watch, great car control in the wet conditions and barely slowed down compared to their runs in the dry

Always coming over the jump and getting super close to the wall without tagging it, while holding within a metre or two of eachother

After deciding nobody wanted to write off their cars on day one of Matsuri, we left Minami and headed back up to the old faithful, North Course. Here’s Fish in their 180, at this stage the gearbox was getting….noisy

It was getting worse with every lap and every 3rd gear clutch kick from Fish’s left foot

before long the Notchy from earlier in the day was up at North Course as well, so I took the opportunity to grab a few more photos

I wish more people in Aus stuck with 14’s on sprinters instead of the usual 15’s we see, it just looks so right

this JZX90 was another favourite from the trip, sitting pretty on a set of Eurolines

It looked just as good on track as it did off, the owner wasn’t afraid to throw it around, getting nice and close to the wall along the straight and one-tailing the straight every lap

This guy managed to make Muski’s 35mm bolt on spacers look small

but the car did look cool, it has a late 90’s comp level car vibe about it

I don’t really have any good shots from the saturday night as I was spending most of the time filming due to the obviously low light.

So I’ll end this post with these shots of the North Course main straight and Pits at around midnight.


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