Matsuri! Part 1


Day 1 of the Summer Matsuri got off to a very gloomy start, with crazily thick fog lingering for most of the morning.

more after the jump!


This R33 missile was out on north course almost as much as we were


Chris was living the dream in the wet, having suffered a gasket blow out resulting in a massive exhaust leak and the car only boosting to around 2psi, the liquid horsepower was an awesome addition to the morning.

This slammed Hiace was in the pits up at North Course, I’d be happy to drive this around to work everyday!


Some local dudes were trying to coax Fish and Chris to tap the wall as they come over the hill onto the main straight


It was pretty cool to watch them both develop as drivers over the weekend, getting better and better as their cars got worse and worse thanks to exhaust leaks, and in Fish’s case, alot more issues.

The wall proved harder to hit than we all thought


obviously you get used to it over time! as this guy was nailing perfect light wall taps lap after lap

and so was his mate in this clean R32 Coupe which unfortunately featured SR20 power.



This car has seen a lot of matsuri action by the looks of it


the exhaust is basically folded closed!



This AE86 Notchback was throwing it at some intense speeds up over the crest, one tailing the straight.


even in the wet he couldn’t grab the handbrake to help link the straight without bogging down, so he was all about big speed and throwing the car hard to make the link, and it was awesome to watch


Japanese people are awesome, I was just lining the camera up to film along the wall and they all started posing for a photo!


I can comfortably say this was one of the coolest cars I saw while we were in Japan


Equip 01’s up front and Longchamps on the back just work together so well on it.

stay tuned for more Matsuri posts in the next few days





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