G1GP part 2


This post will cover the rest of the photos I have from G1GP on the Friday before Matsuri. This is another shot of Eiji in the middle of one of his killer qualifying runs that saw him qualify 2nd.

more after the jump!


Nathan was impressively fast all weekend in his SR21 180, he said he felt like he qualified poorly, however he managed to nail one ‘safety’ run and still qualified well.

This is the car you may have seen us flip onto it’s side in the video I posted earlier, when they announced their name for the qualifying run, Emily from PowerVehicles looked at us all and said “brace yourselves!”

The driver of this S13 was holding some impressive action, throwing a near perfect entry on what was meant to be his ‘safety run’

Unfortunately, due to going down to Minami to watch some of the D1 guys in action, I missed out on most of the G1GP battles, and just as we came back up to see how everyone was going, it started pouring down! It definitely doesn’t cool down in Japan when it starts raining.


Chris, Billie and Fish were all knocked out in their first round battles, so we headed down to School course for a little while, Chris and Fish were having a blast in the wet, doing lap after lap with nobody else on track for 20-30 minutes getting as close as possible to eachother

After a while we headed back up to North Course to watch the rest of the G1GP Battles.


I know I’ve posted alot of photos of this 180, but it looks so damn cool.


here it is again pushing up on the young driver from Cyprus in the yellow S15. Josh (the driver of the red 180) went on to win this battle and secure his spot in the final


Nic Wilson was consistent all day and pushed hard in every battle, which also saw him make his way into the final battle. Unfortunately Nic span in the final, which handed the win to Josh.

Billie wasn’t overly impressed by the rain, or the camera. Yes that is Muski from the internet in the background, no he didn’t shave for the trip.


I’ll leave this post with a shot of the finalist’s cars lined up awaiting the presentation of prizes. Josh was lucky enough to receive a Gold Pass as part of his prize which entitles him to track entry to Ebisu for a full year!





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