Japan Day Three!

Day 3 got off to an interesting start, some American dudes came over and asked us if we could help them tip their Cefiro on it’s side to do a gearbox swap, having tipped over a Cefiro before at Billie and Fish’s factory to do, well, to do nothing, we were all happy to help!

more after the jump!

We once again met up with Locky AKA SydneyFish in the morning, this shot is from the passanger seat of Chris’ R33, running School Course backwards

After a short session on School Course, we headed up to North Course for some G1 practice.

Where we were greeted by a rather serious looking G1 competitor’s car, when compared to the R33 and Billie and Fish’s 180 anyway!

Due to the intense Summer heat, we ditched the bonnet and bar off the cars as both were getting pretty hot while being thrashed lap after lap.

Stock 25 bakes, this car made Chris re-consider everything he has done with his Cefiro back home.

One thing Chris wanted to try while we were there, was 3rd gear Scando’s, by the end of the week he was nailing them lap in lap out over the hill on North Course.

When Stewy told me he wouldn’t be over for the Summer Matsuri I was a bit disappointed, as I really wanted to see his street C33 over there. Lucky for me, Stewy is a nice guy and was letting his good mate Aaron drive it while he was there!

Aaron raised it abit and removed the lower lip to avoid damaging his mate’s car, but it’s still pretty badass, especially for a street car.

The front LCA’s are extended by around 40mm, with a 15×8 -45, and  205/50’s

and the back has a 15×9 -45 also running 205/50’s.

That night the track put on a pretty sweet dinner for us in the restaurant. Fish likes Pocky so much, he melted a pack into one big piece and then enjoyed it all to himself.

This was our first experience with the Korean BBQ ‘cook it yourself’ style dinner in Japan, seems like it’s more popular to pay to cook your own food in Japan than it is to pay somebody to do it for you! It was also our first big night drinking, Jacob and I sampled all the beers on offer except for ‘Salty Dog’ for obvious reasons, and then Fish challenged me to the biggest beer I’d ever seen, which would have to have been at least 1 Litre. I won.

That’s all for this update, keep your eyes on the blog tomorrow evening as I’ll be posting about our first G1 experience!


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