Japan, Part 2!





On our second day at Ebisu, everyone else we were traveling with arrived, Billie and Fish were handed the keys to their 180sx, which contained a package sent by Jesse Streeter to Powervehicles, for one of their many cars back home. A JZS161 HKS T51R kit including manifold and one-piece front and dump pipe.

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This is the view from the Powervehicles shop/garage looking down the valley, you can see some of the trees to the right have fallen down as a result of the earthquakes.





This was one of my favourite cars from the trip, I don’t usually like s13’s based on the general style they attract here in Australia, however this really appeals to my love of 90’s Jap styling.

15″ Longchamps with 60 profile tyres and the guard sitting right on the tyre on the rear


and Reverse Mesh with a 55 profile for abit of rake up front.

It looked awesome from all angles


The driver was fast, it seemed, he had no troubles linking School Course with high entry speeds and smooth driving.

The interior set up was equally as neat, with a Nardi steering wheel, Nismo shift knob, Bride Zeta I Fixed back bucket seat, PowerFC and a series of Gauges.


The wall on School Course proved elusive for Chris in the R33, he had no intentions of writing the car off in typical Aussie tourist fashion, but it was alot harder to get close to the wall than we first thought. This guy and his kids seemed comfortable enough, only in Japan!



It wasn’t long before we bumped into some familiar faces from back home. Nic Wilson, his girlfriend Lucy, and his good mate Robin were over for the Matsuri as well. Here’s Nic in his JZX90 on School Course.


Nic’s car is pretty well set up, and ridiculously clean especially when you compare it to his jzx100 back home, he is aiming to drift more in Japan than in Australia in the next few years I think!


The wall wasn’t elusive for everyone, this C35 Laurel was very, very bent, we actually had to tow him out of a ditch at the back of School Course later in the day. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where you can go out on track with your spare wheels and tyres in the car with you.


Another Aussie we met up with over there, Locky, aka Sydney Fish, was driving this 180sx, it had knuckles with serious binding issues, and a floral interior.


Part of the reason entry prices remain so low at Ebisu is the lack of track maintenance. Kumakubo feels that its better to worry less about keeping everything absolutely perfect, and instead keep the costs low to offer the most economically viable experience for the many international drivers that flock to Ebisu every year. It’s a result of this that there are quite a few pot holes/ditches around the place, like the one on school course which caught Locky’s front wheel and turned it into this.

This JZX100 was very impressive, with wide rear arches, consisting of a complete wide body back door, and a T67 high mount set up with external gate


I love that cars like this can still be registered in Japan, it wouldn’t take Victoria fine police force long to get this off the road back home.

In the two weeks we were in Japan, we saw an unbelievable amount of cars that just don’t exist back home, an example of that being this Evo Wagon, which had Jacob speechless and immensely jealous.


And that ends another day in Japan, stay tuned for more updates throughout the next couple of weeks.








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