Japan Part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting a series of photos taken during our recent trip to Japan, our first week was spent at Ebisu, for the Summer Drift Matsuri. This is the view from the top car park, looking out over School Course, and further down the hill, the infamous Minami.

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After a confusing series of train rides from Narita Airport, into Tokyo and then on to Nihonmatsu, we arrived at the Powervehicles Drifter’s Lodge. The first thing we had to do at Ebisu the next morning was go down to the ‘graveyard’ and pick up Chris’ R33.

While we were in the grave yard’s we had a look around at some of the other cars in storage, afew looked familiar, this is Stewy from InertiaMS’ C33 Laurel from last matsuri

and this is Chris Dejager’s R32 coupe from many previous Matsuri’s, the hit on the driver’s door is pretty intense, the seat is pushed towards the centre console, and the door trim is within 20mm of the steering wheel.

This R31 Passage has been sitting in the top graveyard for years without being touched, hard to believe that nobody would want it, considering how desirable they are amongst R31 enthusiasts here in Australia.

Hopefully some day it gets to move under it’s own power again.

Amongst the sea of foreigners cars in storage, are a few of the Team Orange ‘Drift School’ cars, such as this jzx90 Toyota Cresta, with AVS model 6’s up front.

and this left hand drive S13!

There was also afew cool NA s14’s scattered around, such as this one on White Tri Spokes.

Once Chris had filled the R33 up with petrol, and swapped the 18’s off it for a set of 17’s at Powervehicles, we headed down to School Course for the first on track action in Japan!

It didn’t take long to be blown away by the level of driving, the difference in style and aggression, and the general attitude of the drivers compared to back home.

While at School Course, we met the guys from Canberra’s best (probably the only) Drift Team, Team Red Stage. Who have been to Ebisu in the past, and kindly gave us some directions to find North Course. This is Chris Entering the first Corner on North Course.

Little did we know at this point, we would be spending alot of time up at North Course, if they let us pitch tents in the pits, I’m pretty sure Chris would have happily slept there.

I’ll end this post with a photo of the seating on top of the pit shelters, looking out at the amazing view of the mountains.

Stay tuned for the next update in the coming days!

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