Hardtuned.net Meet

We headed down to Lorimer street this afternoon to check out the Hardtuned.net meet, there was a massive turnout and some pretty cool cars to be seen…

This is the cleanest R31 Passage I’ve ever seen.

would love to own a Passage one day, such a cool car! Factory Autospoiler and the Import wheels look right at home on this one.

Even had legit Skyline doily seat covers!


remember to keep the kids away from this seedy looking character at all times!

I never thought I’d see an MX5 that I liked, the best thing about this is that not only is it baller, its also driven by a female. I didn’t get the chance to see if she was hot, but based on the car,we decided it’s a yes.

Chan reppin’ ‘fish 4 life’……….apparently.

He looks so smart in his glasses!

Chris’ R31 daily and Muski’s s14 chilling in the back corner

This is one seriously cool looking Sil80, probably my favourite car of the day

standard indicators up front and it’d look pretty much spot on!

Meshies suit the car perfectly!

The titanium exhaust on the R35 GTR from the top, most likely worth more than my car.

You can always count on Oxer for a laugh, stylish headwear is his forte’

Gezza obviously isn’t up to Oxer’s level of stylish headwear. yet.

This onevia looks wicked sitting on a set of pink Gramlights

keep an eye on the horizon for more updates in the next few weeks leading up to our trip to Japan!


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2 Responses to Hardtuned.net Meet

  1. Michael says:

    Awwwwww, my old meshies getting mad love.
    Still regret selling those to go 5 stud 😦

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