Team DS Garage workshop days

Put in some r33 length LCA’s with the help of team member Chris and team mascot Muski! now have front camber, bitches love camber…

dodgily re-mouted the Autospoiler for a temp thing until i get a new one of Billie and Fish.

I also sold all my wheels this weekend, so for the time being, I am rolling around on Chris’ set of SSR Reverse Mesh.

Muski tried his hand at photography, he has a large head.

His car is looking alright now, needs to straighten the camber a little bit more and the rear will be bang on.

Thats all for now, no doubt there will be more shenanigans next weekend so stay tuned for more!


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2 Responses to Team DS Garage workshop days

  1. fsdsffsd says:

    team down syndrome?

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