Rainy Days

Spent the day in the west at Chris’ house today working on my car and talking shit, more after the jump.

Serviced my car for the first time in a long time, and tried on Chris’ set of meshies out of his wheel museum.

My set of SSR’s are 16x 7.5 +9 and 16×8 +0, Chris’ are 16×9 +13 and 16×9.5 +19. So basically his set look better. jerk.

While I was servicing it, Chris decided it would be fun to rip out the A/C gear, considering it’s never worked and I had no intention of fixing that, I said go for it

Chris’ 31 is better than his Cefiro.

Speaking of the cefiro, it’s getting close to completion on the rb25 swap side of things, finally! with Blitz exhaust in Hoppers Crossing welding up the hot side cooler piping last week.

Hopefully the Cefiro will come together fast when we get back from Japan, which is under 7 weeks away!


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One Response to Rainy Days

  1. T-pot says:

    This thing is going to be crazy with the 25 in it. Look forward to seeing the results.!!

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