Twice in 10 days!

So after the practice day last Thursday, all I could think about was hitting up Calder again, so me and the rest of team DS garage (Chris and Allan) as well as the mascot Muski entered the practice day which was held yesterday! more after the jump!

After we had decided to enter, I messaged that famous guy thats not really that famous, Woods, telling him that Hit and Run should probably venture down south to hit up Calder too. Whilst I didn’t think it would actually happen, the actual famous guy, Jack, had sent the not so famous guy, Woods, a message saying pretty much what I said, but in the native language of Sydney.

So once it was said to him in a language he understood, Woods and Jack made the decision to venture down south to drift and watch braveheart.

You can see who is actually famous judging by the amount of people standing around the cars in the above two photos.

Muski spent a long day on Saturday returning his car back to its state shown above, after previously returning it back to stock to clear a defect. Then got up extra early on Sunday to make sure he had time to apply all his stickers, stickers make you drift better right?

Jack wasn’t the only famous guy at the track, Nigel Petrie from Engineered To Slide took a break from building the hilux to destroy some tyres!

a little bit of colour-coded love for Henry from Dorifuto

Cameron tagged along and took over camera duties whilst I was driving like usual, and as you can see the famous guys kept rolling through, this time its Papa from the Insane Drifters

Jack and Woods throwing down!

enough photos of Jacks car yet?

Just cruising back to the pits at the end of our session, stay tuned to the blog this week as I will be uploading a video of the weekends antics as well.



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4 Responses to Twice in 10 days!

  1. Jack is my idol, lol DS Garage!

  2. Henry says:

    Man you make Jacks car 100x better. I should of taken photos as well

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