Calder’s Back!

Last Thursday we attended an afternoon practice session at Calder Park, the event was run on the national circuit using pretty much the full track, which was crazy fun. As you can see I finally got a new bonnet for the 32, it’ll do for now until I get that and my new bars painted.

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Cameron had my camera for the day but still failed to get any photos of us actually driving, so these will do, Chris’ daily r31 getting a track run as the Cefiro is still undergoing its heart transplant.

Chris’ 31, Allan’s s14 and a rusty tank which confuses my brain. So happy to see Allan back in his S14 after a year long break from it all, the last time he drove it was August last year… Also worth noting is the fact that Chris admitted to having more fun in the 31 than he ever has at the track in his Cefiro, and that we all got through the day without any car drama’s what-so-ever, despite all of us finishing up repairs only days before the event.

After that successful track day it was back to work for two days, and then back to Calder on the Sunday to watch Round 2 of ADGP

The event definitely improved since last year, with a better grandstand on offer to spectators, however ridiculous the extra $10 charge to stand in it was..

The VE SS utes kickin’ around the Australian scene at the moment are rad! Coulson’s car (above) was insanely loud when he switched back along the wall

This year saw the introduction of a ‘people’s choice’ style battle where the crowd voted for their two favourite drivers, who would then battle for the title of people’s champ.

of course, the crowd voted for Nigel Petrie and Simon Michelmore to face off!

With two of the most talented and competitive drivers in the country going at it, the crowd were never going to be disappointed, the runs these two had were easily the best and most entertaining to watch out of all the driving on the day.

thanks to Cameron for the first few pics!


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