Pretty boring sunday, so I washed and waxed the car and went for a small drive to take a couple photos.

Been contemplating stepping down to some 15’s lately, will be trying some on soon and seeing how it looks before i go buying anymore wheels off yahoo japan

2 tone stylin, love multicolored doors……

16″ SSR reverse mesh with 195/55 tyres

still need a new bonnet before i can get Damo to paint everything for me and get it back to its clean former glory

also need to polish up the wheels properly sometime real soon, will do a post dedicated to that next week. maybe.



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4 Responses to booooooooooooooring

  1. ohsochompy says:

    take some more pics please

  2. Just stumbled across you blog googling and love the simplicity of your 32! What are the specs on the wheels in this post? That darn near perfection!

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