Introducing, Souvlaki Stylin’

Seems good friend Toli can’t help himself when my camera is left laying around lately. As much as I love giving him shit, he actually takes a decent photo every now and then! So from now on I’ll post his images under the watermark ‘Souvlaki Stylin’ so he can get some credit of his own haha


While I was off picking up some stuff for my own car, I left the camera at Chris’ place, where Chris had recently got the rb25 in the bay of his Cefiro.

Chris’ RB20 span a bearing at VicDrift’s matsuri earlier this year, so it’s slightly less cool now that there’s a 25 under the bonnet, but hopefully it will be slightly more reliable.

All of the goodies from the 20 were swapped over onto the 25 prior to it going in the bay, with the exception of the TD06, which was swapped in favor of a T67

Chris’ extensive wheel collection pictured in the background

The ever reliable daily. Sitting on 15×8 -7 and -12 Southern Ways

Powered by the only real engine in the world, the mighty RB30e.

Import 31 steering wheel and alot of ‘optional extra’ buttons without the optional extras

and the Import tail lights and rear garnish. Simple styling at its best.

Even Toli is trying to get in on the daily 31 act!


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4 Responses to Introducing, Souvlaki Stylin’

  1. OHSOCHOMPY says:

    Fuck I could go a souva right about now.

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