In between our sessions at Winton yesterday I caught up with our mates Jamie and Josh to grab some photos of two of the prettiest S Chassis’ around at the moment.

Jamie’s s1 S14 is one of my favourite 14’s in the country. Showing that less is more with effortless style

Josh’s S13 is definitely my favourite s13 ever. Best looking car at the track yesterday.

Two tone s13’s will always be cool, but this takes it another step further. Everything on it just works together so well.

Hard to believe there is two people in Bendigo with this much style!

The wheels suit the car perfectly, 16×8 -15 Demon Cambers, with 195/50 Khumo KU31’s all round.

Height thanks to a set of BC Racing coilovers with certain collars removed to go lower

Jamie’s S14 also rocks a set of BC Racing coilovers

A beautiful pair of 18×10 +7 Work VS-XX sit on the back

and a pair of 17×9 +10 (-10 effective with 20mm bolt on) Work Rezax chilling up front

Little bit of Frush lovin’ on the matte green rear quarter.

Navan front bar and side skirts are hard to beat on an s14. I hope he never finds rear pods. looks so cool without them

I hope Josh never changes anything either actually.

Loving getting shots like this recently, capturing the mates that accompany the cars.

I’ve made some really good friends in the last couple of years, people I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for cars/drifting..

These two are definitely in that group of people.

Having only met Jamie and Josh and a handful of occasions now, it’s hard to believe how well we all get along. It always feels like we hang out all the time.

Josh had a pretty terrible weekend as far as actually driving his car was concerned. Lucky he got to see me to make up for it.

While loading the car onto the trailer, they noticed a decent oil leak. Being awesome they brought it to the track anyway and first thing in the morning, everyone was getting stuck into fixing the problem.

Oil leak from the turbo fixed, only missed one session, sweet! oh, flat battery. We push started it down the hill, oh awesome, no brakes. turns out he had no brake fluid. filled that up and got out there, bent a tie rod. Then snapped said tie rod later. Power steering belt came loose, and cooler piping kept popping off. VERY eventful day.

Luckily the other Bendibro had much better luck, proving that stock engines are best, baking tyres all day with a stock SR, stock boost, 235/40/18’s with minimal camber. Jamie is my hero.

I’ll leave you with that. and a gallery below with all the photos I took of the pair, in case I missed any on here.

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5 Responses to Bendibro’s!

  1. Ffffff says:

    Love it Ryan Caputree those cars perfectly

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