This n That

Over the weekend we hit up the JDMST meet at Essendon DFO, watched skids, and then headed over to Toli’s to watch him make his new wheels fit……or should i say try to make them fit. More after the jump!

We rolled up to the JDMST meet fashionably late because we are cool like that. But then the lights turned off, SHOW STOPPERS! not really. So we went and got a parma, and ate it in the underground carpark at safeway. Junkie LYF!

Waz’s Datto is looking immensely badass these days, pretty damn cool to see this car on the road after a long build up.

The two Corolla’s in the first picture were two of the cleanest, and coolest looking rolla’s that I’ve ever seen in Vic. The fact that they were mates was even cooler!

Chris’ daily R31 and the love of his life has had a recent change up, after having an unfortunate crash involving a drunk asian ufc fighter in a corona, the 31 is back to its former glory, now rocking a set of Southern Way Meshies in 15×8 -7 and -12.

Here’s the other love of Chris’ life, Clive’s DR30. Looking mighty fine on superlites all round.

On Sunday I headed over to Toli’s place to see how they were going with stretching factory s13 guards over the freshly widened Weds, now spec’d at an impressive 17×11 +13.

Well that didn’t go so well. With an interesting weld in the passanger side rear quarter splitting at the lip when ‘massaged’ out. Oxer dubbed this side ‘The Abortion’ and was kind enough to google abortions so he could draw one. Standard Oxer.

The car certainly has an aggressive appeal to it. It’s a shame the wheels are so far out of the guards that his neighbors have called the council to complain about him crossing the property line when its parked in his garage.

can’t argue with dish though.

Then Infinite Toli took over the camera to try and make it look like the wheels did fit.

He is planning on widening a pair of 16’s for the front now to match the rears.

Trying to take photos of me stealing his tools, but the wheels got in the way.

Mr Powder Coat sorted out the centers, Whitehorse Industries span up the new outer lips, and Toli’s mate Dom drilled and assembled the wheels. The end result is pretty impressive.

Another look at Chris’ daily R31, he really needs to polish all 4 wheels properly…

Southern Ways are perfect for this thing. Such a cool daily.

Autospoiler is copping a fair beating up front though, worth it.

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4 Responses to This n That

  1. Dan says:

    ohsochompy DR30

  2. CerealEruption says:

    you said skids in the intro, i see none! :P:P

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