Graffiti Is The New Black

After getting some action shots of the ‘KICK3R’ Sil80 last weekend at winton, I knew I wanted to feature it on the blog.

There are more and more really eye catching cars making it to the track lately in Victoria

Some are eye catching because of the driving put on display, some are eye catching due to the attractive styling of the car…

others are eye catching because their owner let a 16 year old kid go to town on it with spray cans!

Lucky for me I got in contact with the owner of this Sil80, David, just in time..

as he was planning to start sanding back the paintwork this weekend and bring the car back to a simpler, cleaner look

Really dig the under bonnet artwork, makes me want to do something to mine, then I remember I have absolutely no artistic talent at all.

One of the coolest things about this car, would have to be the owner and mates that come with it. A few of David’s mates from their crew ‘Team Chaulkin’ came down to hang out while we did the shoot.

Thats the best thing about the car and drift scene to me. I’ve made some really good mates through it, and it’s always cool meeting other groups of people with the same interests and same vibe as your own mates.

Personally not a massive fan of stickers but David certainly has an impressive collection haha

Chicks dig scars!

Under the bonnet lies a blacktop SR20 with a Godspeed TD05, Disstroy Garage modified standard manifold with 38mm HKS External Gate, and S15 injectors, tuned by Dr Drift, putting out 205kws of rocker arm snapping fun.

Rolling on 18×10 +15 Work Meisters on the rear, and 17×9.5 -13 SSR Professors up front

Suspension consists of a mismatched set up of HSD and Buddy Club coilovers, various adjustable arms and Disstroy Garage Extra Lock Knuckles.

Nice and simple interior with a combo of a GKTech steering wheel and Bride drivers seat, ┬áTakata harnesses, Safety 21 half cage, Defi gauges and an Apexi monster tacho…….ulleeeehhhhhh

In case the paint job wasn’t unique enough, the car is towed around in a massive bin, because trailers are for pussies!

Thanks to David and his mates for getting the car out for a shoot, and a massive thanks to Fish for letting us shoot it at his work.

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3 Responses to Graffiti Is The New Black

  1. DAVID says:

    love the blog dude n love the piks uve got a real talent hehe if u want ur underbonnet done let me kno ill ask my mates for u dude
    i recon its a mad feature to have

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