VicDrift Members Day – April

Just a few quick photos I snapped from the sidelines at Winton on the weekend, media passes are over-rated, and I’m lazy, so there all from spectator area’s…

I’ve realised that I only seem to shoot cars that I like these days, its not a deliberate thing, but I do it.

I really like the graffiti style on this Sil80, and as such I took a heap of photos of it

An exception to my rule is Ender’s ugly ass S13, I just take photos of it because I like him.

Ha! not really, I love what he’s done with the car since buying it.

Hopefully Ender manages to sort out all the little teething issue’s he was having on the day, and that he and the car manage to get in as much driving and as little fixing shit as possible in future, good luck in Tassie!

More people having teething issues, Billie and Fishbowl. They managed to get both ZIPTIE and their SR20 Cefiro to the track, when a week out, neither car was running. Huge effort! sadly it was not rewarded….

….with a loose battery clamp resulting in a boot fire in the Cefiro, and some teething issues with ZIPTIE’s new motor blowing the end off a spark plug in the Motor. Hopefully everything works out for these guys in the near future too as it sucks seeing your mates pack up and put the car on the trailer half way through the day.

But I managed to capture some proof that is was sideways at some stage! so I guess that’s a plus?

Troy was killing it all day in the 13b ’86! doing the Team Chaulkin’ name proud as he baked it up the main straight lap after lap..

…after lap.

Unfortunately Troy’s day came to an abrupt end. With the start line further back than normal, Troy was hitting the sweeper hard, and lap after lap he was nailing it, until it all went wrong and he shot off the side of the track, managed to get some pretty intense hang time, and came crashing down bending pretty much everything, Including the ground. Luckily he managed to get away pretty much unscathed I believe.

Gezza managed to make it through more than 3 laps for the first time since changing from a stock SR with a T28!

Always the happiest looking guy at the track regardless of how he’s day is going, so it was good to see him get some good runs in this time after a pretty shitty time at Matsuri earlier this year.

Baking the tyres as always, one of the guys that bakes due to aggressive driving and not just power, as you could take photos like this when he was rocking the old T28 set up!

I forgot to say something on the day so I’ll say it here, nice Ski Goggles man….

even them tuffcore bro’s were reppin, a man down with Mikey’s car destroying SR’s like a boss, but still out and about having fun as always, one day they might even learn how to spell Tough!

Always fun to watch this Escort out there! His driving has come along fast since his first Drift track day!

More Team Chaulkin’ doing there name proud

Can’t go wrong with a well put together Sil80, with a less ‘out there’ paint job it would be a really nice street car, that being said, the graff looks boss and I hope that stays!

One of my favourite drivers to watch every event is the driver of this NA 31, proving that skill beats power all day every day, laying down awesome laps all day, stock rb30 reliability!

Finally the end, hopefully somebody actually read through all of that, or at least skimmed over all the photos…

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13 Responses to VicDrift Members Day – April

  1. Gezz says:

    Think that was then first time i had done more then 3 laps at winton for about 10months. Which includes about 3 events…..Last photo is the best photo 🙂

  2. Gezz says:

    yeah…i had forgotten what it was like to change tyres 😛

  3. RUZJET says:

    Rb30’s are sick! Nice snaps

  4. matty styles says:

    Dude, this blog was great, really knew what was going on during the day and took some great shots.
    Well done


  5. JimmyCereal says:

    i agree, media passes too much effort!
    awesome photos as always!

    Gezz’s 180 was killing it out there, still cant get Ender’s exhaust note out of my brain either

  6. scott frost in the r31.. always a reliable skidder! can’t recall an event he hasn’t been at for the last 3 or so years hahaa

  7. Gezz says:

    Damn wish there was more outside footage of the 180!!!……

  8. troy says:

    that ae86 was a shitbox who on earth puts a rotory in one nice pics tho

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