yeah yeah, enough of this junker

I try not to post too much repetitive crap on here, especially not of my own car. but I’m sick of photobucket blocking links due to bandwidth, so if anyone does read this, deal with it!

16×8 +0 SSR Reverse mesh on the back wrapped with 195/55 Sailuns. 32 4 door guards are tiny!

Tyres cop a beating….only by the gaurds though, na rb20 ain’t frying much haha

front wheels are 16×7.5 +9 SSR Formula Mesh

need to change it up abit with that exhaust, sounds pox and looks stupid. Natural camber all round from the drop, think its around 4/4.5 degrees at the back.

Picked up this old school Nismo steering wheel for a bargain from Dom at Holford Motors

Always loved the old school Nismo logo, and have been searching for something with it on it for my car for ages so I was stoked to pick this up!

I’ll try and sort out some fresh, interesting, and better looking content real soon!



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3 Responses to yeah yeah, enough of this junker

  1. tougemonster1 says:

    Hey man just wondering how much you paid for the 16×7.5 +9 ssr Formula Mesh? Just trying to get an idea of a good price, hunting for a set of 15″s. Did you get them from yahoo Japan though Jesse Streeter?

    Long shot but still keep them after you got the Longchamps?

    Btw loved the 32 at Calder!

    • hey mate!

      I bought them through Otomoto in a full set for about $900 from memory. but I did buy a pair of 8 +0 reverse mesh through streeter for about $500 delivered which was good

      Nah I sold all my 16″ meshies to a guy with an s12 🙂

      thanks man!

      • Greg says:

        ok cool cool, thanks for the info dude found a nice pair ssr FM 15×7.5 +4 starting at around $550! 3 days to go, looks like you got a great deal on the 8 +0 RM

        ah well the hunt continues

        keep up the cool posts for melb!

        Cheers, Greg

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