Chicks might dig scars, but I don’t. I miss my clean front end.

I had a bit of a love tap with an S13 after spinning out at matsuri, guess thats just the risk you run getting involved in a sport like drifting.

Safe to say I’m glad the Reo was in there! copped a good solid hit! that explains why my bonnet won’t close properly!

anyway, went and saw Leigh at Inverse Tyres today to get decent steerers put on my old back wheels so I could run them up front, and got the old rear tyres flipped and put on the spare pair of wheels, ready for the next Drift Practice I enter.

Sits alright now, I dropped my spare front LCA’s off with Leigh as well to have JDI Fabrications box and lengthen them slightly, this should get the front sitting pretty spot on with abit more camber as well.

Things to do before the next drift practice I enter:

-Fit lengthened LCA’s
-Buy and Install a Cams Approved Half Cage
-New Headlights, bonnet, and front bar.
-Fix ANOTHER bloody coolant leak which I noticed today.



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