yeah, this guy…again

A month or so ago Drift Battle Magazine expressed some interest in featuring Chris’ A31 Cefiro in the next issue…

So after some debating with Chris about it, we did a quick shoot at Fish’s work while helping work on their Cefiro.

Anyway, just as I start getting an article together, Chris lets me know that the old feature from HPI is being re-run in a new mag, so putting it in ANOTHER mag would be abit shit/overkill.

Since the last time I posted it on the blog, the car’s now rockin’ pumped rear gaurds to make home to 17×9.5 +12 Panasport G7’s…

and a high mount TD06 set up, with straight pipes..

it was then driven over to Trent at Chequered Tuning, where it made an impressive 276.5rwkw, 35kw more than the car made with the old 25/35 set up, whilst running less boost!

Not many people know this, but VicPol actually imported 2 Cefiro’s to use as super secret undercover cop cars, hence the XCOP number plates.

inside the car Chris is still rockin the 350mm Nardi Deep Corn, white chine gear knob, Defi DIN slot gauge set up, Greddy Boost gauge mounted on the steering column, full bolt in cage….

Along with the Bride Brix 1.5 drivers seat.

It’s hard to fault this car from any angle. yeah the front guards are pretty munted, but if they weren’t it’d mean that Chris was doing it wrong.

Since placing 5th at Drift Attack last year, the car hasn’t seen the track.

As you can see, Chris is pretty excited to get back in the drivers seat and thrash the Cefiro at Vicdrift Matsuri coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Make sure you get out to Winton and come enjoy the weekends action, I hear FRUSH will be there selling some cute T shirts!

Check out all the photos from the shoot in the Gallery below, and enjoy these videos from last years Drift Attack.

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4 Responses to yeah, this guy…again

  1. Damo says:

    Sick photoshoot! CAr looks good, those damn trackies he always wears !

  2. Henry says:

    Visual Impact. :3

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