Muski’s S14

Muski picked up a pair of 17×9 +22 VS KF’s for skidders a couple of weeks ago, got tyres, slapped them on the car, and now it has been collectively decided that these will become the front wheels and he has to buy a pair of 18″ VS KF’s for the back.

Toli also maxxed out the front coilovers and slammed the rear, should tuck rim on 18’s nicely!

You can see the freshly painted JDM front bar and the rear quarter in this photo, huge props to Damo for a wicked job!

If anyone wants to buy his TE’s let me know, I’m happy to go and steal them if it makes him buy more VS KF’s faster.

Now he just needs to straighten out the rear camber abit and the car is pretty much ready for Matsuri!

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6 Responses to Muski’s S14

  1. chris says:

    thanks for the pics mannnn

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