Fire and dogs and fire

There’s a few different methods to remove subframe bushes, one is to hammer them out using metal chisels, another is this one, syphoning 98 octane petrol out of your car and using it to help burn out the bushes. A fair bit slower than the chisel method, but a fair bit more entertaining!

When you don’t arrive to start helping work on a car until 12:30am, forklifts and their headlights come in handy!

Occasionally, a little bit too much petrol was poured onto the subframe..

Forklifts are for people, dogs aren’t people.

best dog.

Umi’s collar matches the recaro’s, important fact.

Billie helping to keep the subframe  still while mikey attempts to smash the old bushes out

Few more dog photos, and some shots of the most standard looking Cefiro I’ve ever seen!


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4 Responses to Fire and dogs and fire

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  2. hmm, I saw a nice looking cefiro…
    greetings from Indonesia, I am cefiro user too :p

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