This joker is Alex. Alex, his girlfriend Dani, Cameron and I headed out to the JDMST End of Year Meet under the Bolte last night.

My 4 door and Alex’s r33, best looking 33 in vic easily. you should buy it.

fanta….i mean….sunkist. you should buy his wheels too….

Reppin’ Frush once again! you need exhaust gaskets? Bry @ Frush is your man!

As you can see the turnout ended up being pretty good! despite changing the meet location on the fly to under the bolte.

Seriously hot Evo, can’t beat TE37 Superlaps, was refreshing to see real TE’s amongst the sea of Rota’s too!

Proper Evo stance too, still looks like its built to be driven!

These guys caused quite a ruckus when they arrived, two R34 GTR’s and an R35

This R34 GTR on black TE’s the pick of the bunch IMO, can’t beat black on black!

Good to see they were reppin’ SAU Vic too!

didn’t really take many photos so thats it from me!

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4 Responses to JDMST VIC EOYM – 2011

  1. Bry says:

    Nice coverage.. shame I missed it 😦
    Thanks for the support!

  2. kriss says:

    or just give em to me to put on my other quarter window

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