Hangs @ Muski’s

Over the weekend I headed over to Muski’s place for a bbq and to head to the hardtuned/primal garage Christmas cruise on the Sunday

Cameron, Munno, Damo, Chris and Muski. Aside from Cameron who I grew up with, I’ve only met these guys over the past 12 months, among others in this group of mates, and they have now become some of my best mates, can’t wait for more no doubt hilarious shit to happen with these guys in the new year

Bit of love for Casey from shirtstuckedin, Muski bought afew stickers and was kind enough to donate one to the windscreen of my 32

Every time I catch up with Alex, I always forget to take new photos of his ballin’ 33, well when he rocked up at Muski’s on saturday night I made sure I took the chance to get some quick freshies

Alex recently overhauled the 33 from a big kit, mismatched wheel drift kid look, to a gtr kit, ballin’ Weds LXZ sexy kid look.

On sunday we headed over to docklands to the first meet point of the HardTuned/Primal Garage Christmas cruise, some really nice cars showed up and overall a solid turnout.

This 33 sedan looks sick, if anyone knows the owner get him to email me ‘infinitefocusphoto@gmail.com’ as I’d love to get some more photos of it for the blog!

Damo dusted off the s14, pumped up the tyres, and did all the other assorted things you do to a car that sits still for 12 years at a time, and then brought it down to the meet, to make it worse he was still wearing the same shit as the night before, i don’t know what agges sees in him.

I do love his s14 though, so simple, but it all just works.

low and rpf1’s, good recipe.

After the cruise headed off, we headed over to Fish’s work again to do more work on the SR thats destined for their Cefiro, here’s Muski’s s14a parked in the factory.

Cameron kindly pointed out to serial neat freak Chris that the clamps on his intake were too long, so  of course they had to be trimmed

I can’t get over how many awesome things there is to take photos around at Fish’s work, I could easily spend days there and keep finding new spots.

old truck cabs, flatbed trailers and old buildings

dark storage buildings filled with pellets

love hanging out there, can’t wait till after Christmas to head back over there and hopefully start piecing the cefiro together to get it ready for Matsuri in Feb!

Ziptie chilling in the corner awaiting it’s new engine!

you might remember the photo of Billie and Fish’s baller GS300 daily from the last post, well this is the custom tow bar extension they had made so they could still tow while being slammed.

words cannot describe how gay Cameron actually is sometimes.

This gearbox is going in the Cefiro too, and a dogbox is destined for ziptie’s new setup!

it might be up on a pedestal but it’s still missing two cylinders

Muski grinding off the letters on the rocker cover with a cutting disc

Clean finish yeah? nah.

That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be able to keep following the builds ziptie and the cefiro and keep you updated!



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2 Responses to Hangs @ Muski’s

  1. Damo says:

    Super dope photo of your car in the dark !

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