ZIPTIE times!

At Winton on the weekend, Billie and Fish went to back the car off the trailer, only to find oil pissing out of the engine. Front main seal was stuffed, and the crank pulley cracked. So as you would expect they have pulled the engine out to fix the issues and go from there. wait what? no this is Billie and Fish we’re talking about, instead, they have a built SR to drop into Ziptie, and this engine will be getting a solid 200k service and then will be dropped into a Cefiro.

so it was off to Fish’s work to use a forklift to lift the SR out of the bay, no engine cranes here. note the engine upgrade, flinstone power > SR power right?

Fish’s work is absolutely awesome for photos, I’ll definitely be going back there to shoot their cars in the future!

So while everyone else was being helpful, I was off looking for cool shit to park in front of and take photos of my car! That green coloured thing behind me was some sort of engine, absolutely massive, looked like it’d almost pump out as much torque as an rb30e, almost.

Billie is thinking the car needs either a) a more aggressive roof wing, or b) maybe no roof wing? what do you think?

one thing it doesn’t need is a more ballin’ steering wheel, orido all the way!

and the prize for the most baller tow car in Vic goes too………

Fish’s engine removal weapon of choice, and Kriss’ new favourite toy!


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