Winton #1.

So I entered my first ever drift practice day last month. After never having attempted to ‘drift’ a car up until that day, I figured it was going to be interesting to say the least haha

the practice day was a sell out, entries were full within 24 hours of opening, and there was one of the biggest lines at the gate I’ve ever seen!

This 33 belongs to Alex, who is the one that pushed me into entering the November practice day, I wasn’t planning on entering a practice day until next year, glad he changed my mind! By the way, his car is for sale if anyone wants a baller r33!

Muski entered as well in his S14a

sitting pretty on white TE’s now instead of the ugly bronze ce28’s

always good to catch up with these interstaters at Winton! two brothers with two sweet cars!

pretty sure this is for sale as well! get on it!

Toli and his brother Tom were there in their Honda Powered S13

which as you can see, bakes hard!

just when you thought this kid couldn’t get any gayer…..

he has to go and prove you wrong, certified shirt lifter.

cool shot of the 3 of us in line, spent so long in line, so so long. how cool is having two different shades of grey on your car!

Alex was laying down some consistent runs in the beginners section, which got him bumped up to C just after lunch!

Muski got the hang of it after lunch as well while I was chilling in the pits, and was bumped up to C shortly after!

when I finally went back out, I had started to get the hang of it as well, and was also bumped up to C class. then my speedo cable snapped, which apparently cuts out power steering once you hit ~80 km/h, so I called it a day after that. Learnt alot, and I’m now confident enough to enter VicDrift’s matsuri in Febuary!

This Cefiro caught my eye in the pits early in the day, hopefully I’ll get a chance to shoot a feature on it soon!

I only saw a quick glimpse of Adam on track that practice day due to actually driving, but from what I did see, it’s clear that DK has come a long way in the handful of practice days he has done now, so props to Adam!

Ziptie’s usual driver Billie was stuck at work for this practice day, so she threw the keys over to her boyfriend Fish to give him a chance to practice before he gets his car ready for the track.  and Fishbowl was killing it out there! can’t wait to see them both out there when he gets his Cefiro on the road!

That’s all for now, stay tuned for a video of some pre-winton shenanigans, that should be up by the end of the week!



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3 Responses to Winton #1.

  1. muski says:

    sickkkkkkk right up!

  2. sean says:

    sweet photos bro!

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