BBQ, booze, and something about cars.

So I’d been planning on making it to the track for the first time early next year ever since I bought the 32. Then at the start of November, our mate Alex decided he wanted to do the november drift practice, and asked if I was keen. So I entered, and every weekend leading up to the date was spent getting the car ready! the weekend before Winton I still had a fair bit to do, so Kriss and Muski came East to help out/talk shit/bbq/drink/bag cameron/drink/get hit on by cameron/go hills on the sunday.

Cameron trying his best to seduce Muski with his eyes. and shiny ear rings.

reluctantly accepting a drink haha

kriss showing him how it’s done, you can take the boy out of the west, but you can’t take the west out of the boy

once food was had, and drinks were consumed, it seemed like a good idea to start putting the car back together! It took me a while to work out why there was a useless torch and a spirit level under there with me, then I remembered I asked kriss to pass me a shifter, helpful huh.

Don’t really know what to say to that.

or that? haha

I like taking photos, keep my camera out of my face haha

Hicas locked, splitfires in, all hicas lines removed along with looping lines and removing hicas solenoid, and eye alignment to fix the toe by kriss, went hills, cooked brakes, had a mad day, then went to winton, stay tuned for an update on how winton went!


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3 Responses to BBQ, booze, and something about cars.

  1. Muski says:


  2. PETEYYYY says:

    i want to come and bbq! this weekend

  3. haha petey boy, maybe not this weekend pretty sure i’ve got a 21st sat night. will have to sort out something for next weekend!

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