WHATTAHEAD! On the weekend gone I took the 32 on it’s first trip to the west since the day I picked it up.

Headed over to this clown’s house on saturday night for a mad bbq, only bbq I’ve ever been to where there’s 10kg’s of meat and one loaf of bread……lift your game Muski!

First time I’ve seen kriss being quiet whilst drinking. ever.

Little bit of a bromance going on here…

That is one seedy suspect, who wear’s sunglasses at night.

on Sunday we headed over to Kriss’ joint to watch some drift dvd’s and muski put in a new fuel pump for no apparent reason, Toli dodged the bullets of the point cook police force getting his Honda powered S13 over, and Cameron sat around trying to convince us he isn’t gay, and that the fur on his top lip is in fact a mustache.

We put a set of Splitfire coil packs in the 32 on saturday before heading west, solved all my misfiring issue’s and runs perfect now!

Tried Kriss’ Reverse Mesh on my car again for shits and giggles, thought it’d be good to see how the look now that it’s lowered compared to when I first tried them on the day I bought the car

Fronts sit alot better than mine, I need to get some R33 Front LCA’s asap!

gave Cameron my camera in a different car to get some photos of it driving, looks weird seeing it on the road, Fronts should be perfect with the new LCA’s.

Wish Cameron knew how to use a camera though, looks like I’m parked on the freeway in every photo haha

Need a different exhaust too, this sounds terrible. But that’s low on my to-do list, next weekend will be spent getting this thing track ready for Winton at the end of the month!


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  1. kriss says:

    haha good weekend was good

  2. best title photo ever, looks like Cameron ate 30 triple cheeseburgers haha

  3. damo says:

    i remember my first beer @ cam dizz

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