The Weekend Gone…

 Over the weekend I headed over to Chris’ place to check out what was going on with the Cefiro. I now realise I didn’t take a single photo of the cefiro, nor the rear subframe that was dropped out of the car to have risers installed. But I did snap a shot of Munno’s Sil80!

I also sneaked a shot of Chris’ extensive wheel and tyre stack, now containing a pair of watanabe’s, a set of SSR Meshies, a pair of Panasport G7’s (another pair on the way from japan) and a set of SSR Professors. Along with a few spare tyres.

After we went to Chris’ place, we hit up ‘the area’ where we bumped  into Munno and his Sil80 again!

got a little bit done to my R32 Sedan on sunday as well, installed a new head unit (thanks muski!), and swapped my coilpack cover for a cut up one I got of Chris for better ventilation as I was having intermittent coilpack failures after long/hard drives.




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