whattahead. So last practice day at winton, I didn’t really do much shooting at all. I think I stood trackside for one session, and I basically spent that session talking to Yoshi from vicdrift, and Henry from DoriFutoo.

I did however, spend alot of time in the pits with mates, in the passanger seat of Chris’ A31 Cefiro, and filming some ‘behind the scences’ footage in the pits to make a fresh video.

and you know what? it was one of the most enjoyable events so far this year for me.

I think I’ll have to make up for my lack of photos at the next practice day though.

There was some really nice looking cars at this event, more so than usual. As you might have noticed from our latest post on James’ 180!


The nice cars weren’t reserved for just the track though, with plenty of potential getting around the car park and pit area.

It was good to see Jason getting used to the new car

One of his mates had abit of a rough run up to Winton though!

Here’s Karl smoking it up in his Onevia!

Adam’s Type X is really starting to look the goods, looking forward to shooting it some more in the near future

Not very often you can see a car’s coilovers from the engine bay huh?

All the photos I took can be viewed below!



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