James’ 180

 I don’t know where to begin talking about this 180. There is nothing extreme that really jumps out to grab your attention, yet it’s almost impossible to take your eyes off it. It’s good to see some more Aussie car’s looking like they just pulled off a boat from Japan.

I was lucky enough to see this at Winton on the weekend, at the August VicDrift practice day.

The interior is every bit as perfect as the exterior, with a pair of black Bride seats, checkered floor mats, nismo shift knob and Nardi steering wheel.

reppin’ Koguchi Power!

Tucking tyre in the back, and up front!

As you can see here, the car was drawing a fair bit of attention in the morning while waiting for the track to open.

The fresh paint copped some stone chips on the long drive up from Melbourne!

17″ Blitz Type 03’s were the perfect choice for the car, only way to improve looks now would be a pair of 18″ Type 03’s for the rear

Thanks to James for letting me walk around the car and take these shots. Hopefully I’ll get some of it in action on the track in the near future.


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13 Responses to James’ 180

  1. kriss says:

    dare i say best all round 180 in Vic?

    • what else is there to compete with it really? haha

      one of the best looking street cars in Australia I reckon.

      if allan ever ‘cleans’ his s14 up he’d be up there for best s14 I reckon haha

  2. kriss says:

    Neils 180 would also be up there but James’s is more my style

  3. yeah I was gonna say Neils is the only one I can think of, but this has more of a presence about it, so japan. haha

    plus I put this ahead of Neil’s because I still can’t work out Neil’s number plates haha

  4. I see Chris mirin 😛

    Mint 180.

  5. him and his big m couldn’t get out of my photos haha

  6. SK!D says:

    SK!D likes this

  7. Henry says:

    Oh yes, on the way to Winton we all got pulled over for a RBT. Luckily no defects. Pretty cool seeing a train of low Silvias driving on the highway behind a booze bus.

  8. haha, thats sweet that the cops didn’t hand out any stickers! wish they were all like that

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