Ballin’ on a Budget




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9 Responses to Ballin’ on a Budget

  1. Kriss says:

    Ditch all the homo stickers and it’d look pretty good

  2. haha yeah, I’m not a fan of heaps of stickers either but ben is lol

    be interesting to see how the new wheels look. inch wider but unknown offset

  3. kriss says:

    anything fits with a big enough hammer

  4. got a sledgy here, we should be right! haha

  5. ben says:

    whos the babe in the last photo?

  6. somehotslut says:

    i dunno who he is but he wears the shit out of that flanny 😉

  7. pretty sad if you have to compliment yourself using two names ay ben haha

  8. Jarred says:

    should have lost the side indicators before you painted it ya newb

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