More action from winton!


I’ve decided to start posting more of my photos up on here rather than the infinite focus facebook. So from time to time there will be a big photodump on the blog!


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8 Responses to More action from winton!

  1. Martin says:

    It was my first time coming too watch winton drifts
    and thanks for putting on a good show.

    we were watching in the back corner 🙂

  2. SIRSILK says:

    A BIG thanks to those taking the time to post the pics and put this blog together. WELL DONE GUYS.
    Awesome job, FANTASTIC images. Was a great day as always. Cant wait for the next one.

  3. SK!D says:

    hey mate nice shots, i was just wondering if u had any more?

  4. Thanks SK!D, thats pretty much it, any cars you were after in particular? I worked out who you were from the thread on NS but forgot what you drive haha, might have some video of you thats all.

  5. SK!D says:

    ah k cool, i was dirving a black s13 with green wheels and cooler, 193c,
    wasnt my best day out due to the cluch slipping like a mofo then packing it in,

  6. haha yeah couldn’t forget green wheels/cooler in a hurry! hopefully I have some footage of it that will go in the video, will have to wait and see though as I’m not sure!

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