Winton July!

 So I ended up heading to Winton today for the VicDrift Members Day, we left later than usual and arrived at the track at lunch time, their was a short break, second drivers briefing, RC plane display which resulted in a plane being flown into the race marshals building haha, and then it was back into the action we were there to see!

I’ve only shot from the bridge over the straight once before and had some pretty nice results, so I thought I’d give it another shot, I think I really, REALLY, like shooting from up there!

Something else I REALLY like, is this Sileighty! It looks immaculate!

This S14a was pretty awesome as well

This thing bakes hard!

So when you combine two of my favourite cars from today, two awesome drivers, you get sweet tandems!

Tandems through the S bends was pretty cool…..

But tandeming the straight is heeeeeaapss cooler!

Some other impressive cars to mention would be the ever consistent tyre frying madness of this mad cow 180!

if there is anything better to do on the straight than tandeming, it would have to be a brakie!

The best part about watching people spin out, is when they jump on the brakes and build a smoke screen.

This guy was seriously impressive all day long, reppin the Red P plate’s as well!

Next winton is only 20 days away, looking forward to having a hell of alot of coverage from that event!


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11 Responses to Winton July!

  1. Jay says:

    Great photos… Wondering what lens your using? Cheers!

  2. Thanks Jay!

    These were taken with a combo of the D7000, 35mm f/1.8 and 70-300mm f/4-5.6

  3. mickey says:

    man they are good photos…man thays my bro with the p plates have u got any more photos of him

  4. Henry says:

    Spewing i couldnt make it. Good stuff Ryan

    • Thanks Henry, Spewin about losing your wallet! trust you’ll be making the trip up for august winton then? Haha

      Cheers Mickey! Yeah I’ve got afew more shots of your brother that I’ll throw up in a day or two, very impressive driver!

      • Henry says:

        Yeah just went Vicroads for a new license. Hopefully it will be here before Thursday so i can head to WTA.

        Definitely heading to August. Added you to my blogroll 🙂

  5. haha awesome, looking forward to seeing your coverage from WTA! wish I was going. added you to mine as well man!

  6. Jason says:

    Awesome photos man! U get any photos of my canary bt1 31? Ha

    • hahaha Jason, nah I don’t think I do, I’ll have a look but I think I was too busy laughing every time you drove past man, cars a pisser haha

      what was the go anyway, didn’t look like you were driving at your usual level, just testing out the new car?

  7. Nick says:

    if there is anything better to do on the straight than tandeming, it would have to be blocking the track why you do a burnout then creating a smoke screen forcing anybody following you to stop drifting because they cant see shit

    so annoying when people spin and sit there doing burnouts

    nice pics anyway, black S14 and red sil80 are so tuff

    • haha, he didn’t really block anyone in this instance, its at the end of the straight with nobody behind him, and he was moving at all times as well.

      I feel the same way you do about people doing it in front of others and blocking corners etc.

      thanks mate!

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