keep it movin.

Just a bit of a photo dump to keep the blog moving, I haven’t been doing much at all lately and its feeling like I’m losing interest in shooting, so I’ve spent the morning going through all my old photos, a heap of other photo blogs, watching videos etc to get AMPED! I’m debating with heading to winton tomorrow for the members prac day, but I’m getting super excited for August Winton, cabins booked, money saved so I might buy some shit before then and try out some fresh gear!

I never know whether to focus on photo or video anymore, I feel like its a waste of time shooting video with only me, one camera. But I’m enjoying the results and every video is like a week long editing project after work for me.

looking forward to seeing the new changes take place on Chris’s Cefiro over the coming months

and I can not wait until the weather fines up again, I miss seeing nice cars on the road for random drives on the weekends!

Going to start trying to get to more motorsport events as well, not just Winton!

And I’m going to make a point to do more car features as well!

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