Chris’s A31 re-visited

A while ago I wrote up a basic ‘feature’ about Chris Anderson’s A31 Cefiro, well since then, I’ve accumulated plenty of photos of the car at his house, and at the track. 

Good to see the Cefiro’s Bash Plate is doing it’s job! It cops quite a beating thanks to the cars low stance.

Here you can see the ‘modifications’ required to fit the cooler in behind the Autech front bar.

fancy RB20DET-R Manifold badge, makes the car go faster!

The poor front gaurds cop a thrashing at the track, thanks to 17X9.5 +5 SSR Proffessors

The Autech front bar has afew imperfections, but still looks a heap better than the stock bar.

Roof spoiler for extra cool points, +10rwkw’s there.

One of my favourite Nissan details, the bootlid keyhole badge.

17X9.5 +22 SSR Proffessors sitting perfect in the rear

another look at the gaurd-destroying front fitment

the late model ‘Laurel Style’ grill really sets the front end off nicely I think.

Just in case you forgot what you were looking at!

Back seat removed, sound deadening stripped, and exposed metal rattle-canned blue.

Power windows are awesome, especially when they all work, right Chris?

The interior has all the basics to a good drift car, 350mm Nardi Deepcorn, and full Cusco C33 Laurel bolt in cage pictured here….

JJR Drift button on the handbrake, and a neat little aftermarket shifter, no dildo’s here.

Bride material trim centre console lid, looks neat and feels good too!

Defi DIN slot gauge set helps Chris keep an eye on the RB20DET at the track, very, very necessary, right Chris? haha

GReddy Boost gauge mounted on the steering column.

Another look at that 350mm Nardi!

Now let’s have a look at the car in it’s element, at the track!

238rwkw smoking some tyres at Winton!

You can see here how the front guards end up so beat up!


And the results of that baller front fitment, rubber all over the car!

the car looks the goods from all angles, including above it!

more tyre destruction!

Doing the usual ‘post session RB20 checks’


How the car looked on the drive home from the track, note the ‘race tape’ holding the front bar on for the 3 hour drive, the exhaust was dragging on the ground for most of that time as well!

Provided Chris still has this car for a while, look forward to more posts about/including the Cefiro in the near future. OR alternatively, if you want to buy it, comment on here!



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6 Responses to Chris’s A31 re-visited

  1. Kriss says:

    Plenty pics I never seen thanks man and good write up

  2. no worries brah, need to do more and more writing posts on here, see if I can get the blog abit more ‘well known’

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  4. GHOSTRYDER says:

    ive always admired his A31 it gives me the motivation i need to keep working on mine

    Kudos Chris

  5. dj says:

    such a nice car – staunch as f**k and looks like it’s built for one thing!

    awesome pics

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