ZIPTIE Sileighty

What do you get when you combine the awesome S13 with the awesome 180sx? You get a slightly more awesome car, it’s called the Sileighty.

The rear end is looking pretty tough with that wing. Doing it right on the 180 side of things with Type X tail lights…..

and doing it right on the s13 end with J’s style headlights, Aero bar and skirts, and GTR Grill!

I could stare at this car all day, the combination of the bolt on flares and that wing is just perfect!

Check out the 18×10 – 23 gramlights! you could fit a small car in that dish!

The owner of the car, Billie, helps run a ‘Girls Only’ car club known as Shojo Sokudo, you can see here she is proudly repping the sticker on the windscreen. So if your a girl, and your into imports, be sure to check out

Billie is a regular face at VicDrift Practice days at Winton Raceway, always improving and trying to push new boundaries each event.

New front wheels just arrived for the Sileighty, so in the near future Billie’s plans are to tub the front end, put the new wheels on, and lower the front some more! Can’t wait to see how it looks once all that is done, I’ll be sure to get some more photos and chuck them up on here again!

-Ryan Gillin

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