Daz contacted me on friday to ask if I could ‘co-pilot’ in the aristo and read his gauges in preparation for a tune while he focused on keeping the car going straight at full throttle……

The big japanese family run about is rolling on 275 semi slicks to make sure he can make use of the power, which is currently sitting at around 300rwkw, the car has previously made 340rwkw, however the injectors are maxing out so while he waits to upgrade the injectors, among other things, the car is sitting at a safe 300rwkw. It should see the 400+rwkw mark sometime in the near future though….

As you can see, Daz has recently taken out various interior trim pieces, and the exterior ‘B’ pillar trims and wrapped them in carbon fibre look vinyl, the finish is awesome! adds a very nice, subtle touch to the interior, much nicer than the fake woodgrain it was before.

The simple combo of a Boost gauge and AF Ratio gauge help Daz keep an eye on what’s going on.

more of the new look interior trim!

This highflowed GT4082 with a 71mm compressor and TA45 rear wheel helps the 2JZ push out the big power figures

Daz also recently upgraded his Intercooler, this one didn’t fit quite as nicely as the previous item, so out came the grinder to make it fit, snug.

He could only get his hands on the Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Regulator in blue, so it stands out in the bay for now, he reckon’s it’ll all be black eventually

The mighty 2JZ!

A nice big pod just adds to the mental noise this car makes when you put your foot down, I’m taking ear plugs next time I go for a ride!

I look forward to updating the blog with more of this car in the future! whether it be at the strip chasing a quick 1/4 mile, or on the dyno chasing 400+rwkw!

-Ryan Gillin

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5 Responses to Dazwhat?

  1. kriss says:

    good write up braaaaaaah

  2. cheers man, gonna do a fresh one on the cef as well, need more writing in this place, time to get serious haha

    winton vid should be finally done tonight as well hopefully

  3. b16tym says:

    Nice write up. Its good to see Daz’s Aristo getting some much deserved exposure, I hope to see it come up to Winton with me one day soon for a track day session.

  4. Cheers man, would be killer to see this thing hitting a grip circuit day! haha, I’d be there to shoot it for sure

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