Diff swap + testing BRAH!

In preperation for Winton in June, Adam decided he’d take a break from Jersey Shore to realise that he wasn’t quite baller enough for his desired 2-way just yet, so he cheaped out like the true westy he is and bought a weldy. Then got somebody else to install it for him because he’s a lazy bastard, and then made them service his car as well, what a jerk ay.

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5 Responses to Diff swap + testing BRAH!

  1. kriss says:

    lol, i like this vid, you should make more “lifestyle” type clips

    ps: couldve atleast named it

  2. haha yeah, I’m gonna focus on video at June winton I think, might use your go pro footage for the next vid if I haven’t got my own by then, its out of go pro vs external mic for my camera atm haha.

    I couldn’t think of a name, will just name it something lame for now haha

  3. lazyboy25 says:

    needs more melways

  4. hahaha can never get enough melways

  5. kriss says:

    more than welcome to use mine for June

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