Car Spotlight: A31 Cefiro

This is the closest to Cefiro perfection that I have seen.

Chris’ Cefiro has been featured on quite a few blogs recently. Mainly in relation to the aggressive stance, the car rolls on 17 x 9.5″ SSR Professors, +5 up front and +22 for the rears.

However, the perfect stance was just a side bonus of Chris setting his Cefiro up for Drift, the main focus of the build.

The car was recently tuned by Status Tuning, with the impressive results of:

Power: 238.3kw
Boost: 19.5psi full boost at 4100rpm
Torque: 402.9 nm

As you can see, the car has come a long way since Chris first bought it. The original plan wasn’t very exciting, then the coil-overs gave in and the modification floodgates opened.

At the drift practice these photos were taken, the car was un-tuned, but Chris still put on a very solid performance all day, I’m looking forward to getting back up to Winton to see it again in December.

The car sports quite an extensive and impressive list of modifications.

HKS 25/35 turbo rebuilt by RotaMaster
JJR 38mm external watsgate
Supertech forged pistons 20thou oversized
ARP rod bolts
ARP head studs
Cometic metal head gasket
Cometic gasket kit
nissan oil pump
nissan water pump
nissan idler pully
nissan tensioner pulley
NDC bearing kit
HKS camshafts, 264/8.5mm
HKS cam gears
Gates timing belt
Tridon thermostat
crank was grub screwed, balanced and ground
balanced pistons
balanced and resized rods
block was decked, bored and honed
resurfaced head
valve grind
new valve stem seals
exhaust guides and ports cleaned up a bit
braided lines
GReddy returnflo front mount intercooler kit
Gkteck dump and front pipe
Blitz cat back
Splitfire coilpacks
JJR alloy radiator
JJR silicone radiator hoses
R33 GTS-t air box with modded lid
z32 AFM
GTR injectors and resistor pack
Status remaped ECU
Walbro fuel pump
JJR oil cooler relocation kit
gutted cat
Cusco catch can
GReddy water temp sensor
RedTop RB20 rocker covers
battery relocated to boot
fuse box relocated under the dash

RB25 5speed manual gearbox
custom one peice tailshaft
Jap spec Excedy 3 puk ceramic clutch
Nismo 2way lsd
lightened C33 laurel flywheel
Redline shockproof gbox oil

r32 twin piston front calipers
r32 front discs re drilled to 4stud
s15 rear hubs
Z32 TT rear discs
Z32 TT rear twin piston calipers
BM44 brake booster
Cusco BMS

Whiteline adjustable rear swaybar (27mm)
JJR front swaybar (30mm)
JJR solid steering shaft bush
TuneAgent castor arms
JIC camber arms
JIC FLT-FAS coilovers
JJR solid rear cradle bushes
JJR rear strut brace
Cusco front strut brace
JJR front under car brace
PBM bent rear toe arms
ISC rear traction arms

A big thanks to Adam from Lazy Boy Photography for letting me use his photos from the Stance Works meet.


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6 Responses to Car Spotlight: A31 Cefiro

  1. kriss says:

    what a sick blog post Ryan

  2. haha thanks, thought you’d like it.

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  4. LA says:

    This makes me happy and sad lol… i miss my cefiro… this car is awesome

  5. Glebas_A31 says:


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